When we remember who we truly are, our love and inner light shine in the eyes of everyone.


Akashic Records Reading


A reading of your Akashic Records guides you in finding the answers to your questions, from the heart and from a higher level of consciousness.

It is a powerful tool for personal and spiritual development that allows for a deeper self-understanding.

You are guided and (re)directed towards the path your soul has chosen to follow.

The answers and messages received from the energy of Love can help you understand the reasons for blockages, conflicts, or symptoms.

The accompaniments

Lecture and individual consultation

Group training


Connecting to the wisdom of the Universe during a reading of your Akashic Records

In-person and online courses to learn how to open your Akashic Records

Access relaxation and meditation audios



"I loved my experience with the Akashic Records. It brought me a lot of peace and confidence, as well as a lot of respect. It gave me the right messages to hear without knowing me at all, and something very important for me that made me understand why I felt so disconnected in my daily life."


"Since our session, I have continued my work of releasing cellular memories. I saw a kinesiologist who delivered messages very similar to those received during our session. It's surprising. I am determined to do a deep inner cleanse to regain balance. I feel that I am guided in this direction, and it is essential for my evolution."


"At the beginning of the session, I was afraid I wouldn't be grounded enough to connect with my guides. But with Pauline's guidance and the images she provided me, I succeeded quickly. It was a moment of relaxation and a moment just for me. I felt like she was the interpreter, and everything flowed smoothly."


"I had the opportunity to have several sessions with Pauline. She is a compassionate and gentle listener who can analyze the situation and find a solution. Her method allowed me to become aware of certain mental blocks and to free myself from them. After the session, I felt grounded, at peace, and lighter. Emotionally, it did me a lot of good and allowed me to move forward by managing my emotions and gaining perspective. Thank you, Pauline; you are in good hands!"


"A reassuring, gentle, attentive, and dedicated professional, Pauline has been the ideal therapist for me to accompany, guide, and support me on the path to healing and inner peace."


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