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The training for Akashic Records readings

Akashic Records Course Level 1 & 2
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Akashic Records Courses

In-person Akashic Records Readings Training Level 1 & 2

In the Akashic Records Level 1 & 2 course, you will learn to connect with your inner wisdom. You will activate your ability to channel and communicate with your Higher Self, as well as with your guides and other energies.


What is the objective of the training?


This course helps you reconnect with your essence, who you are beyond your personal history, beyond your ego. It’s about realizing that you are not only defined by what you do, your thoughts, or your beliefs. It’s about remembering that you are a part of the greater whole and that you are by nature a spiritual being having a human experience.


Taking a course on the Akashic Records is about opening your heart and raising your level of consciousness. You receive a tool that helps you live more in the present, in the here and now.


Connecting with your Akashic Records strengthens your link to your inner wisdom, brings calm and peace into your daily life, while reconnecting you to your Higher Self.


The training helps with:


In this course, both levels are taught together. It is a theoretical and practical course that takes place over two days (Saturday and Sunday).

  • Level I - Learning to Open Your Akashic Records

    • Meditations to activate and feel your channel of light, connected to the sky and earth.
    • Group channeling sessions using the energy of Masters, Guides, and other Beings of Light.
    • Meditation to activate and balance the energy centers (chakras).
    • Cleansing of the energy field to integrate Akashic energy.
    • Theory and opening prayer.
    • Soul learnings and reincarnation.
    • Awareness of unity.
    • Difference between channeling and the mind.
    • Protocol for opening and querying Akashic records.
    • Putting into practice and integrating this tool into your daily life.
    • Individual initiation into connecting with the Akashic field: an essential moment to integrate the frequency of light and access the Records.
    • Liberation and healing of the heart chakra to connect with your Higher Self.
    • Group practices and exercises.
    • Points of Grace Level I.
    • Doubts, questions, exchanges, sharing.
    • (Manual and complete guide provided for opening your Akashic records).


  • Level II - Learning to Open the Akashic Records for Others (places, situations, animals, etc.)
    • Guided meditations to expand consciousness.
    • Group channeling for receiving messages from our Guides, Masters, and Beings of Light.
    • Activation of the third eye and cleansing of the etheric body.
    • Theory and opening prayer for opening the Records for others.
    • Procedure, guidelines, and tips.
    • The law of attraction.
    • Commitment and professional ethics of the Akashic Records reader.
    • Individual initiation to connect your channel to the Akashic field and raise your frequency to access the Records of others.
    • Liberation and healing of the heart chakra to connect with your Higher Self.
    • Practice among students.
    • Points of Grace Level II.
    • Doubts, questions, and sharing.
    • Guided meditations to raise your vibration.
    • Follow-up after the course for any additional information.
    • (Manual and guide provided)

More informations:

It is not necessary to have professional experience in alternative therapies; this tool is accessible to everyone.

A manual and a diploma from the Corazon Akasha school are provided.

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