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Akashic records

Akashic Records Reading

What are the Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a tool for personal and spiritual development that allow access to a higher level of consciousness. They are a field of vibrations formed by the energy of Unconditional Love.


In our daily lives, it is easy to disconnect from our hearts and ignore what they are trying to tell us. We stop living in the present moment and become trapped in our minds. By connecting to the Akasha, we raise our vibrations and reactivate our heart’s listening, inner wisdom, and intuition.


A reading of the Akashic Records guides us and provides answers from the heart, from a higher and elevated level of consciousness (as opposed to the level of the mind).


The session is oriented based on what you need to receive in the present moment (it is not a divinatory art capable of predicting the future) to become aware of blockages, limiting beliefs, as well as your gifts, talents, and qualities.


During the reading, we connect to the energy of spiritual beings (with vibrations belonging to higher planes) who, through their level of consciousness, are capable of giving you the necessary messages and guidance to realign yourself with the path your soul has chosen to follow. Their mission is to assist, as they are in service to humanity.

What does Akasha mean?

The word “Akasha” comes from the ancient Sanskrit language and means “energetic substance from which life emanates” or “soul, space, sky, ether…”


It is an energetic matrix that contains all the information of the Universe from the beginning of time.


The initiation, prayer, and knowledge used during the opening of the Records constitute a tool passed down by ancient civilizations, notably the Maya.

The opening of the Akashic Records involves 3 important processes:


We obtain answers to expand your vision and your level of understanding about situations that arise in your life.



An energy field composed of the vibrations of Unconditional Love and compassion is created during the session. As it enters your physical, energetic, and mental body, it reminds you of who you are beyond your human condition and helps to unlock limiting beliefs.



Karma is a law of cause and effect. Through the Akashic Records, we can access certain information about the origin of blockages. Once the lesson is understood and forgiven, it can then be dissolved.

Opening one’s Akashic Records is about bringing all the information, healing, and karma release necessary for the evolution of one’s soul into the present moment.

The questions you can ask during an Akashic Records reading

  • Life mission.
  • Talents, qualities, and gifts.
  • Information about the origin of blockages or fears.
  • Tools for freeing oneself from repetitive patterns or limiting beliefs.
  • Understanding the origin of conflicts, whether they are professional, emotional, in relationships, or family-related.
A reading of your Akashic Records helps with:
How does the session unfold?

After preparing your questions in advance, we exchange and begin the session with a short relaxation and connection to the Akashic energy.


I recite the prayer to open your Records, and then I transmit the answers to the questions we pose to your guides.

You simply need to get comfortably seated or lie down and allow yourself to be guided.


The session typically lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, and it can be recorded using a Dictaphone.


The consultation is conducted remotely via the Zoom application.


Price: 60 euros.

“The spiritual path is not a path we have to follow through sacrifice. It is a path presented to us individually, to recognize our ability to evolve and grow in the face of challenges. It allows us to demonstrate our great capacity for growth, even amidst the inner chaos we may experience.”

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