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Your deceased loved ones are always by your side

When a loved one leaves us, let us cry, scream, even howl, honor their memory, but let us not worry, for in truth, they have not gone anywhere.


They have simply lost any form of location in the illusion of space and time.


We can no longer pinpoint them, indicate where they are, we cannot find them in the material, or search for them in our personal world. Then, we realize that they never truly occupied a body, arms, legs, organs, blood… it had nothing to do with him or her.


We were identified with their physical presence, just as we are with ourselves. We expected the relationship to continue this way because it was familiar, close, but it wasn’t the physical part that we truly loved.

When a person is no longer with us physically, we miss them, and we interpret this longing because of the love we hold for them. However, we miss this person because, in reality, we are attached to their physical form. We are identified with the body of the other person, just as we are with our own body.


What we truly miss is no longer seeing the physical form of the other. This is because we fail to keep in mind that the other has not truly departed.


Love is always intact, we have not lost anything, because the reality of what we are is not in the body or its form. As mentioned in A Course in Miracles, ‘I am not a body; I am free.’


This physical departure invites us to remember a deeper love, a love not attached to form, one that knows no limits, a love that does not flee into the past or project into the future but remains ever-present here, as we live our daily lives.


The reality of this love resides in eternity, beyond how we live and experience the illusion of space and time. It is a love:

That does not depend on words or places,

That follows and accompanies us wherever we go,

That is inseparable from our very presence, and

That in the night whispers in our ear: ‘I am here.’


Let us not seek the loved one in space or time, let us not attempt to reach them, for the only thing we will discover is that they are absent. Let us not search for them by remaining identified with form, for if we seek them in this way, we will remain empty-handed.


As we learn to love in the absence of form, we will be invited to let go of all our dreams, which will produce much pain to feel, much grief to explore. All of this with courage and determination.


But then, let us prepare for love to be fully informed and present.


The joy of discovering that the loved one is where we left them is beyond measure. There are no words to describe the excitement of a relationship that continues into eternity. Let us remember that our beloved cannot depart, let us know that they will never leave, because they are in our presence, and we are in theirs forever.


We are all one; we are all this holy and perfect child of God, all united in the same origin. Let us not forget it


Source: Pablo Ravale, Frecuencia TV