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The state of consciousness

The state of consciousness is the lens through which we perceive the world around us.

We see it through the eyes of our personal experience, based on past experiences and our understanding and interpretation of them.

We create our own perceptions that make up our reality. These mental images unconsciously dictate our thoughts and behaviors. They are outdated beliefs that we continue to use in the present to judge and observe everything happening around us.

Being conscious means understanding that we have installed a filter that reassures and comforts us in our beliefs and reality. It involves bringing discernment into our daily lives to allow space for reflection and observation. It is a decision to listen to our inner self with every breath.

Through strong willpower and regular self-observation practice, we begin to witness our reactions and can correct them. We can change our perceptions and decide how we view the current world.

This requires constant effort, staying present, and being open to what is happening within us, be it our thoughts, feelings, or unconscious reactions. By accepting this mechanism within ourselves, we accept it in others. And when someone shares their truth with us, even if we may feel uncomfortable, we are able to detach from the content. We open ourselves to communication, tolerance, and compassion.

If we consider life as a movie, we have a dual role. We must be both the spectator to observe our unconscious perceptions and reactions and also the actor to modify and create a harmonious and balanced reality.


Observing to bring presence into our daily lives

It is necessary to realize and observe the unconscious mechanisms that guide us in our daily lives. We can call this “consciousness of experience.”

At the end of the day, we can ask ourselves how conscious we were when we met or spoke to someone in our circle?

Or when we answered a call?

Or when we had to say “yes” or “no” to an invitation or a proposal.

Observing ourselves, whether at work, at home, among friends, family, or alone, is a skill that can be developed and refined.

Repeatable Phrases:

I act consciously to bring more coherence and wisdom to my path.

I give myself space for reflection, where I create a harmonious and balanced life. I am an actor and co-creator of my reality.

I free myself and allow myself to be, to show myself with honesty and authenticity.

I do not suppress my feelings or fears.

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