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The ego

When we consciously separate ourselves from the All, the Absolute, the Creation (which is actually impossible), we are overwhelmed by fear because we feel alone and isolated from our original environment.


Fear is what drives the world, pushing humans to act against love because it is its opposite.


It is fear that dictates attitudes of greed, greed, envy, lying, deceit, anger, attachment, vice, cruelty, and evil because it manifests in these different forms. We adopt these attitudes to counter the fear that the world of duality generates within us.


We adopt behaviors such as:

The need to stand out from others to feel safe, accepted, have a sense of belonging, and therefore be loved.

The need to be recognized for our achievements to boost our self-esteem.

The need for material possessions that temporarily satisfy the existential void we feel.

The need to control our own life and the lives of others, which translates to power.


This is what constitutes the ego, this false self that believes it is separate and limited.


The ego is necessary for us to experience the illusion of the physical world, but as we evolve, it should become progressively less important.


It is responsible for great pain because it suffers when its deep desires to excel, possess, control, master, be recognized, and be accepted are frustrated.


Depending on which button is pressed within us and our vulnerability to it, our rage grows. If we understood that the events happening around us and within us are present to help us grow in tolerance, patience, love, compassion, and generosity, we could extinguish our anger. Because if the situation can be corrected, why get angry, and why not use that energy to address it?


Manifestations of the ego


The ego manifests in various ways, including criticizing others implicitly to feel the need for excellence or claiming to be right when others are wrong.


It is also present:

In someone who feels like a victim, trying to elicit sympathy when they don’t receive admiration for something positive.

In someone who feels indispensable to ensure that life flows correctly around them.

In the shy person, because when they don’t feel smart, beautiful, kind, rich enough, they prefer to withdraw rather than not receive the desired acceptance.


To detect the ego, one must practice self-observation.


Feel your emotions, understand where they come from, and thus get to know yourself better. Observe your thoughts, which can be filled with ambition, resentment, envy, jealousy, greed, and accept the emotions they provoke. By observing them without judgment or guilt, they will gradually dissipate.


To change an attitude, it’s not necessary to become violent because such negativity gives it strength. Instead, accept that you have this flaw because you are not yet perfect. By discovering how you function, the flaw will gradually disappear. For example, if you lack generosity, when you become aware of this attitude, you try to imagine the opposite virtue to your flaw, and it gradually becomes part of your soul.


If we only react automatically to stimuli, we will continue to have erroneous attitudes, believing them to be right because we will always find justifications for them.


That’s why we need to increase our level of discernment and awareness through our intuition.


If we strive to possess something at any cost, we will always feel entitled to it and won’t hesitate to use any means to obtain what we desire. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t fight to attain what is just, but it should be done with an honest intention and not motivated by revenge or ambition.


We should never trample on anyone to get something, because if it’s meant for us, it will be given to us sooner or later.


In some cases, even after death, the ego can prevent an individual from seeing the light and ascending in the spiritual world. Those who, in life, believe they know and control everything find themselves on a plane they don’t understand, feeling completely disoriented.

After death, we can clearly see the mistakes made during our physical life due to the ego, and how the ego prevents the soul from reaching its full potential.


As soon as we become aware of the ego and begin the inner work with courage and determination, it gradually disappears, allowing the light of our true selves to emerge.