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The disease

Understanding the disease


Disease is an event chosen by God for our evolution and personal development. We should not judge it as ‘bad’ but accept it because it is not something we do wrong and should feel guilty about.


We are not separate from God; what He creates, we create as well. In essence, we are God, even though we experience ourselves through the ego. If this higher intelligence deems that we need to experience disease for our evolution, then we should trust it without seeking to understand the reasons from our rational mind.


We must see disease as a hidden blessing because it brings us valuable lessons that will help us progress and grow in order to reconnect with our heart.



Being in acceptance


Why am I creating this experience, or why is God creating this experience within me? When we begin to investigate and delve deeper into our inquiry about this symptom, we can discover things about ourselves and grow in consciousness. We can become aware of certain toxic patterns stemming from our ego that we need to change.


Disease is not contradictory information; we simply need to fully accept it because that allows us to transform it. Only what we accept can be transcended, brought into the light. That’s why we shouldn’t resist it but rather accept it, love it, not judge it, or see it as something negative.


By positioning ourselves in acceptance, this experience will make us stronger, humble, compassionate, and loving. We must embrace these learnings that, without the disease, could not have been integrated.



Behind the symptom, there’s learning


Being ill doesn’t limit our capacity to love; in fact, many ill individuals become even more loving. It’s an opportunity for them to have more love for life and for others. It allows them to empathize more with the suffering of others, to be more understanding and compassionate.


We also learn to ask for help, to let go, to stop trying to control the events of our daily lives.


We must open ourselves to experience this, which propels us along the path of love, even though we may not comprehend it from a rational standpoint. Because the purpose of life is not for us to be in good health, but for us to (re)learn how to love.


Source: Covadonga Perez-Lozana