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The Cycles of Life & Impermanence

When we accept that our human experience consists of cycles, with the rhythm and purpose of teaching us lessons and learnings, then we understand the concept of impermanence. Impermanence teaches us that nothing lasts, and the only thing we can do is be present and appreciate the moment.

Impermanence is a concept that makes life precious but can also be frightening at the same time. The idea that everything can change at any moment brings us uncertainty and resistance. And it is this very resistance that intensifies our attachment.


Whether it’s friends, family, or work, we are bound by the fact that inevitably, one day, we will be separated from the object of our attachment.

To attach is to place one’s happiness in the hands of another person, an object, or an external situation. This makes us dependent and deprives us of our freedom.

We give and expect a return, we project our beliefs and false ideas onto others, only to end up disappointed and frustrated because our expectations were not met as we had hoped.

To emotionally detach is to no longer make projections and accept what is, without expecting anything in return. It is having the courage to be oneself and to love oneself, to fully experience one’s human experience and to be guided by the cycles of life.

As Anthony De Mello perfectly puts it,

“I understood what it meant to be alone, with no place to lay one’s head, with the need to free oneself and give freedom to others, all without being dear to anyone and loving everyone – because that is love.”

Repeatable Phrases:

I am responsible for my thoughts, words, and actions.

I recognize myself, choose myself, respect myself, and love myself.

I am detached and separate from my programs and false beliefs.

I have no expectations, and I am responsible for my happiness and freedom.

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