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September Channeling – Corazon Akasha School – Light Reaches Your Bodies

“Dear family!


The rains are here to cleanse the electromagnetic charge and release trapped energy in the atmospheric layers. All of this is so that light can reach your bodies and you can receive starseed seeds as codes of light.


The cleansing you are experiencing may bring physical discomfort, emotional discomfort, and also activate your mind. Remember that what is happening is a calibration process to align you with light and the cells of your bodies, with the same information and memory in them as there is in the cosmos, allowing you to release the old. That’s why you must treat the physical part with new quantum medicine, with frequency, with light, and above all, with Love.


We will never tire of repeating that the remedy for everything is to put Love into every process. And that means taking care of everything that is in disharmony within you, in all areas of your life. So that you stop, breathe, connect with the silence, go to the heart, and expand your greatest light. Because your task, before saving the planet and humanity, is to save yourselves.
Free yourself from the past that no longer contributes to your awakening and happiness.


Great opportunities are presenting themselves to you to overcome fears, challenges that you have not been able to face, and the time has come. We are not only talking about the fears and challenges you are already aware of, but also those that, in your multidimensionality, like fractals of other lives, are trapped in your shadow, in your unconscious.


In this activation, we suggest once again that you be honest. Calm and love compensate for everything.

You are the hope of the world, you are the guardians of the planet, you are the guardians of the sacred codes in your hearts, and we are always here for you. Let the healing happen.

Your beloved Hilarion and the White Brotherhood”


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