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Our Process of Evolution on Earth – Part 2

Many of us are on a “spiritual” path, consciously seeking to connect with our true essence.


The current evolution of the planet invites us to change our beliefs and paradigms, to integrate more acts of love and self-respect into our daily lives.


It’s time to love, to love ourselves, to find fulfillment and joy in living on Earth.



The 3rd Dimension:

Earth is a third-dimensional planet dominated by duality. We experience opposing poles such as hot and cold, night and day, up and down, pleasant and unpleasant, good and bad, and so on. It’s a world of division, where we believe we live separately from others (I am me, separate from you, and you are you, separate from me).


Without realizing it, we divide to only experience what is comfortable, what gives us a (false) sense of security.



Transcending the Personality:

By essence, we are Unconditional Love, and the part that experiences duality is the personality. It’s the character, the ego, that believes itself to be separate from everything, everyone, and every circumstance. By acting from the personality, we are kept in division and fear.

It is normal to have preferences, desires (which feed the sense of security), but the goal is that through the experience of duality, we seek the Love that we are. This Love accepts and embraces everything.


It is characterized by:

Acceptance of oneself, including imperfections and emotions.

Understanding and compassion for others.

Obedience, acceptance, and gratitude for external events.

Faith in humanity and the awakening of consciousness.

And more.


Accepting the Love that we are means opening ourselves to more equanimity, interrupting the flow of our thoughts to create an inner space of non-judgment that welcomes all the discomfort within us.



Practicing Meditation:


The practice of meditation allows you to stay present and calm the discursive analytical mind without rejecting it but letting it function appropriately. You learn to pay more attention to your body and your breath rather than your thoughts. This enables you to observe the thoughts that create fear.


When we don’t take care to open ourselves to what we feel, it’s because we want to avoid unpleasant inner sensations such as fragility, vulnerability, or emptiness.


We cover up the pain by seeking distractions or control, and in doing so, we disconnect from ourselves. By concealing aspects of ourselves, we create an energetic short-circuit because it’s an act of self-disregard, a lack of unity with oneself.


Because the Love that we are is Union with All.


Setting Boundaries from Love:


When we begin to listen to our emotions, when we allow ourselves to feel uncomfortable pain, we perform acts of Love towards ourselves. We create an inner space that allows us to see and accept these uncomfortable emotions. From Love, we open ourselves to feeling what’s happening inside.

It’s about forgiving and self-forgiving in order to let this source of Love flourish within us.


With acts of love and self-respect, we can transition to a new dimension that offers more love and respect.


Reaching the 5th Dimension:

Let’s remind ourselves that the third dimension brings division and fear because it involves the rejection of what makes us feel vulnerable.

Changing and raising our vibrations means altering our thought system to include more thoughts of Love for ourselves and for others.


We alternate between:


The 3rd dimension “I feel separated, and I don’t want what I consider to be bad,” whereas the transition is towards a dimension where “I want to open up to feel what’s happening within me in the present moment.”


By repeatedly falling into repetitive patterns, it creates space to open up fully to compassion.


The invitation with this elevation is to confront the vulnerability or emptiness we may feel in the face of fear. It’s about facing our dark parts with awareness and changing our perspective on the world.


Reaching the 5th dimension involves living in a higher frequency of Love, where there is a greater understanding of our union with everything, meaning to be ONE with ALL. It means acting from the Unconditional Love that we are.


This entails that our decisions and actions are based on the greater good of all, rather than driven by our desires and fears, which lead to control and the pursuit of security at any cost.


It’s about being grounded and connected to one’s divine presence. There is no room for ego because everything is driven by acts of Love.