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Our Process of Evolution on Earth – Part 1

Our origin


We are all divine sparks, particles of universal consciousness, originating from the source of all life. This source may be named differently in various traditions (“Universe,” “God,” “Love”…). “God” radiates into millions of sparks of light, and among them, beings evolve on Earth.


We are detached from the Source to manifest ourselves on Earth, to expand our divine consciousness, our light. What we can call “light” is the Love that we are.


The 3rd dimension

Voluntarily, we undertake a process in which we move away from our origin (even though we are not by essence) to live in a physical dimension. It is a dense dimension, distant from Spirit, which some call the 3rd dimension, where we have lost and forgotten the connection with our Being.


It is a world where we come to experience duality, opposing poles such as:

Anger / Peace
Sadness / Joy
Fear / Trust
Emptiness / Fulfillment


Through numerous lifetimes in this physical plane and in the astral plane (the spiritual plane where we return after each death), we come to remember our divinity. The challenge of these existences is to recall our origin, even amidst forgetfulness and disconnection.


The divine spark that we are is covered by a soul, which in turn is covered by a physical body. Being confined and manifested in a body, we forget that we are connected to the All, that we are infinitely wise and loving beings.


What seems to make sense in this world is to remain identified with our physical body, our lower mental body (our thoughts), and our emotional body (our emotions). We are strongly identified with our five senses, meaning that we believe only what we see, hear, and perceive in our own world.

The learnings and limiting beliefs that originate from childhood create a reality that we then perceive as true, and from which we judge the external world.



Our challenge


The challenge, therefore, is to transition from identifying primarily with our physical and mental aspects (which constantly generate thoughts and emotions throughout the day) to becoming aware of the divine spark that we truly are.


It’s about wanting to leave a world based on judgment and separation to open up to the world of Love and Unity.


Exactly, respecting the evolutionary process of each individual because we have all chosen a different scenario in which we want to experience ourselves. Each being comes to experience themselves in a distinct body, with a different socio-economic situation, sexual orientation, or family background, for example.


We come to awaken to our true nature, and for this, the only path that exists and unites us is the path of Love.




The impermanence


If we act with a desire for control, to be someone special in the eyes of others, or for someone else’s sake, then we are acting from a desire for recognition and security, and both of these are rooted in fear. This fear-driven behavior can lead to stress, anxiety, and a sense of emptiness because it’s based on external validation and attachment to outcomes. Embracing a more mindful and compassionate approach, where we act from a place of inner peace and love, can help us transcend these fears and lead to a more fulfilling and authentic life.


To change this pattern, we must experience impermanence, and this process can take many lifetimes and numerous experiences. It’s realizing that the external world is constantly changing, and so are we.


Security doesn’t come from the outside, and believing otherwise is a source of frustration.


Impermanence invites us to seek security within ourselves. The frustration we feel in the face of impermanence (that which is outside has changed, or that the external is not what we would like it to be) will lead us to slow down and become aware, leading us to the following reflection:

Where is the so-called security, happiness, and peace that we want so desperately?


It is by stopping, questioning, and going within that we begin to journey. We then embark on a quest for a new truth. Reality clashes with what we thought it should be, and the suffering experienced leads us to seek other solutions.


We understand that the path must be one of acceptance and not that of the ego (or the mind). By losing control and through life experiences, we grow and return to love.



Meditation Practice


If we decide to pause for a moment, we can focus on our breath and give ourselves a time of concentration, of meditation.


We start by paying attention to the sensations in the body, to our emotions, and by observing our way of thinking (based on fear and separation).

Meditating is taking the time to:


Listen to sounds,

Feel sensations in the body, in the hands, in the legs,

Stay focused on what’s happening inside,

Feel where fear, insecurity, the sensation of emptiness are located (chest, stomach…)


Meditation exercises, concentration, and breathing techniques allow us to be with what we feel and to experience the discomfort in the physical body. They help reduce mental activity, meaning lowering the activity of thoughts, judgments, in order to return to Presence, that sensation of being totally present with what is. Because when the rational mind judges (“it’s bad; it should have been like this…”), there is very little space for light to manifest and spread.


Simply being present (and not in the analytical, discursive mind) allows us to open up to self-knowledge and acceptance of what is. It involves having gratitude for life’s challenges and keeping in mind that this world is just an illusion for the evolution of beings on Earth.


It’s through the dark moments and life’s trials that we can understand how to overcome control, judgments, and fears. By doing this, we create space for reconnecting with our Being and the Unconditional Love that we are.


Source: Jocelyn Arellano