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Love and Attachment

The true meaning of life is to elevate the soul’s frequency to connect with our Higher Self. This is achieved through meditation, prayer, acts of love, generosity, and detachment from material things, including family bonds.


Love is one thing, attachment is another.


When we feel detached from everything that exists, we experience fear, which drives us to attach ourselves to what the physical world offers us, whether it’s human affections or material possessions, as they provide us with a sense of security.

Attachment to loved ones, be it children, partners, or friends, is common but often linked to control. We want to control them under the pretext of helping and protecting them, but deep down, it’s arrogance to believe that we are indispensable in their lives.


Attachment is about needing their presence, needing to receive what we perceive as love, which means having all our desires satisfied and expecting our loved ones to react as we wish.


There are also those who are attached to their social status, money, material possessions they collect, the country they live in, or their place of origin.


All forms of attachment make us believe that the object of our attachment is essential for our happiness, but this happiness doesn’t depend on anything external to us; it resides within us, in the fullness that comes from unity with the All, the Absolute.

Addictions, which are a form of attachment, are a way to fill the existential void we experience when we have lost awareness of unity and feel separated. Dependence on alcohol, tobacco, drugs, work, and other things is a way to escape the reality we have to face and deal with life as it presents itself to us, trying to cover the fear that arises from the sense of loneliness and abandonment.


An attachment disguised as love can carry over from one life to another.


Love means giving freedom to the loved one, promoting their well-being as they see it, not trying to change anything about their personality, and offering selfless love.


Love means accepting, tolerating, not judging, always giving what is needed without expecting anything in return.


If we love in this way, we attain fullness and inner peace because we act in harmony with who we truly are, and this helps manifest our inner light.


Love is unity; it’s the most powerful energy and weapon that connects the Creator to His creations and His creations to each other. Without love, we cannot be happy because our true self is nothing other than Love. Our essence is love, as in reality, we are all ONE, even though we live under the illusion of separation.