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Living and Understanding the Present Moment through the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records help us realize that we are much more than our character, our body, our thoughts, our beliefs, and our pains. Although we know this deep down, we rarely manage to feel this profound connection with our Being.

It is only from the present moment that we can access the answers that guide and orient us on our path.

The ego, the mind, uses all means to perpetuate its existence, whether through the past stories it tells or the future anxieties it projects. Living in the present moment allows us to step out of this past/present/future program because the present is the only thing that exists.

The present moment is the only place where transformation, change, acceptance, love, presence, and light can occur.


The Akashic Records


The Akashic Records are a dimension, a frequency, where the vibrational recordings of each soul are stored, from its detachment from the source to the present moment. It is a frequency that we can all access, and it records the present. Each soul, each being, has a vibration, and everything is recorded there.


This tool connects us as a channel, like a column of light, between Heaven and Earth. It allows us to feel the fusion of these two energies in our heart and reactivates the presence of our Higher Self (the presence that we are beyond the ego).


Connecting to the Akashic energy helps bring back the information necessary for our present. It is not a divinatory therapeutic tool, nor is it about becoming a fortune teller who tells stories about past or future lives. That is not the essence of the Akashic Records.


It is a tool that provides us with the necessary perspective to realize that what manifests in our lives mostly comes from programs, beliefs, and conditioning necessary for our evolution. By looking at our challenges from a higher level of consciousness, with love and compassion, we can transform these repetitive patterns and alleviate the pain they generate. We understand the origin of our blockages, the reasons for our anxieties, what we must learn from present experiences on our path, and what the people around us come to teach us.


The Akasha


The Akasha, a Sanskrit term, means ether, the All, the Source… It is defined as the Universal Mind where everything is energetically incarnated. It is a frequency, a vibration, that we can all access because we all record information in the Akashic field.


In all religions and throughout history, there has been talk of a space of vibration or a universal spirit. Reference is made to a divine spirit, a sacred space where everything is incarnated.


In the Akashic field, the spiritual world, we are all equal. However, some people vibrate at one frequency, while others vibrate at another. It is our capacity to love at that moment that generates the vibration.


When we connect to our Essential Self (the being of light that we are, the “I Am” presence), we activate our channel through the language of Love, which is connected to the Akashic field. We go through initiations and opening and closing prayers, which are like a ramp to connect to the higher vibrational plane of our Being. By requesting permission to access the Akashic field, the energy descends and places us in a state of complete acceptance.


We do not connect to the records from the human mind, judgment, expectation, or the simple desire to know what we did in other lives. This is not the frequency used by the records.


Recognizing our true divine nature is the key. The term “divinity” here is used in the sense that we are all divine beings, and animals are also divine beings.

We must change our paradigms and stop believing we are superior to the animal world, the plant world, nature, the Earth, or other people who, in our eyes, exist at a lower level of consciousness. Everyone has their mission, their purpose, their way of experiencing duality and polarity on the earthly plane.


The more we awaken to our ability to love, the fewer conflicts there will be, and the more capable we will be of forgiving and respecting ourselves.




The Utility of the Akashic Records in the Present Moment


To escape the present moment, the human mind is constantly caught in the past or the future. Through careers or activities, it covers and seeks to escape the pain contained in the present.


We all must go through situations of emotional detachment that do not please our ego. We judge that we do not like what is happening to us in the present and resist it. When we are in these moments of deep crisis, these dark nights of the soul where we struggle to see the beauty of life and our own beauty, we have this tool that shows us that we are worthy of love.


The Records can be added to any other tool; that is, through our connection to the Akashic field, we can bring down all this energy to express our creativity: painting, composing, dancing, massaging… This creativity is channeled from a neutral space, without comparison or judgment.


By practicing this connection on a daily basis, they provide us with the necessary energy to raise our vibrations and position ourselves differently in our present. It’s about deciding to act differently, to trust something greater than ourselves, because our soul knows, as our Being is connected to these higher planes.


It is also the path of forgiveness, which we may think is impossible, and understanding that the priority is to forgive ourselves rather than others. The Records lead us to view life situations with more humility, without seeking to be right, by transcending the human ego. The other person has merely fulfilled their mission, following a life plan, karmic ties, soul agreements…

Everything passes through forgiveness and self-love.


The key is to surrender to the present moment, open up to the pains we have sought to cover, embrace this emptiness, and return to our essence, for our own benefit and that of those around us.