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Group Karma – Soul contracts

We descended into the dense world of matter to experience certain experiences that, after plunging us into self-forgetfulness, will eventually bring us back to the awareness of what we truly are, sparks of divine light, an integral part of God’s Consciousness.


Karma (the universal law of Cause and Effect) gradually leads us to the discovery of our divine essence, to our origin, which is in the Creator residing in all that exists.


It is a law of compensation and responsibility aimed at restoring the balance of the Universe, which is Love.


Generally, when a human being dies, their soul (provided it is not blocked for any reason in the lower astral) moves toward the light emanating from the Spiritual World, which is true life. Upon arrival, the soul meets its guides and highly vibrational spiritual beings who, with infinite love and without any judgment, help it review the life it has just completed, analyzing its successes and mistakes. It is led to the place that matches its vibrational state and meets the souls belonging to its group. Next comes the possibility of reincarnation, depending on what the soul wishes to experience, or continuing its evolution in the Spiritual World.


Soul Agreements


Souls gather in groups and often decide to incarnate together over several lifetimes to work together on expanding consciousness, resolving bonds, attachments, and grievances. This work is determined before our arrival in the physical world with the benevolent assistance of guides and karma masters.


It is decided with whom we will live, the country, the socio-economic environment, religion, work, parents, and friends who will surround us—all with the purpose of spiritual growth.


Once we arrive in this life, we often forget what we had planned to experience, and we don’t always achieve the intended success. For example, if in a past life, we were a fierce enemy to someone, that soul may appear in our present life in the form of a close relative, mother, child, brother, or spouse to dilute that negative feeling and transmute it into love.


This leads to many misunderstandings and unexplained negative feelings among family members. When, in one’s current life, one lives with a deep-seated resentment towards someone, and forgiveness doesn’t come before death, there’s a risk of having to come back with the same soul and an even greater difficulty to overcome.

That’s why one should never live and die with deep-seated resentment or hatred towards someone, as they may have to return to that soul again and again until they erase those feelings and practice forgiveness.


This life is like a play organized by a troupe of actors in which, before coming, we agree with other souls on the themes that will be developed, with whom we will live, and the roles each of us will have to play.


We belong to a group of souls with whom we interact to learn different virtues and work together on spiritual evolution through love and service. Also, to close karmic circles, meaning to eliminate old disputes that sometimes pass from one life to another until we understand forgiveness.


When we choose to come with a particular soul to eliminate a bond, like aversion or excessive attachment, it will be about experiencing true love that gives freedom to the loved one to seek their own happiness without being tied to one’s life.


Believing oneself to be alone and separate from the All is part of what we come to experience in the physical world to gradually understand that we are not alone, that we are one with the Creator and its creatures, meaning to return to the consciousness of unity.


These trials of detachment allow us to understand that our security and happiness do not depend on anyone or anything external to us, that they are within our being, and that’s where we will find fulfillment.