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Channeling for the month of May – Akasha Heart School – We feel your light and your energy

” Dear brothers and sisters,


We greet you with love and joy. It is always a pleasure to communicate with you. We thank you once again for remaining receptive to our messages.


We feel the love within you, we sense your light and energy, and we feel the mastery of your hearts. In these days, it is easy for emotions such as sadness, loneliness, or despair to surface within you. The journey of your souls has been long, and during these times of energetic intensity, old memories from your current life and past lives may resurface. Do not fight them; welcome them, go through them, and let them go.


We understand that the spiritual path is not always easy and often entails solitude. We do not ask you to make personal sacrifices; we want your path of evolution to be compatible with your human relationships, although we know this is not always the case and there may be conflicts or suffering within you.


Your Light Being often aspires to the completeness of the Akasha, the Creative Matrix, the Divine Source. You have accomplished great work, but your energies have become so subtle that you sometimes struggle to remain in a physical plane where density is evident.


When feelings of loneliness or emptiness arise, welcome them, for they show you the innate desire of your soul to return to unity. This feeling is akin to loved ones missing each other and wishing to remain together.


At that moment, close your eyes and perform the following visualization:


Close your eyes, breathe, take the time to reconnect with yourself.
Calm your breathing and thoughts, and from this state of calm, visualize your non-incarnated soul, your Higher Self, your Light Being in front of you.
Take a moment to recognize yourself in this Light Being as in a mirror. Observe it and allow it to observe you. Visualize its form, the halo of light surrounding it, and simply feel its energy.
Observe the energy emanations flowing from you to it and from it to you. Notice how these energy emanations intensify, as if they were bridges, links of light through which an exchange of information, knowledge, peace, and energy takes place.
Observe how your physical body and your Light Being merge into a single entity, a single energy, in complete fusion and unity.
Remain in this state for as long as necessary, integrating the unity within you until you feel complete, until the feeling of emptiness dissipates, and peace comes, until you feel ONE again.


You need nothing else. This is not a mental construct but something to be experienced in the physical body. It is the bodily experience of surrendering to Unity that will make changes possible within you, in your body, in your mind, in your life, and in everything around you.


Let go of your attention to the senses; do not be distracted by the illusion of separation, for it is only an illusion. You are already whole, complete; you are already everything; you are the Light, the Divine manifested, and for the Divine, all things are possible.


Do not be distracted by the external. Enter within yourself, into the sacred sanctuary of Unity that dwells in your heart, surrender to it, surrender to this Unity, and trust; there is nothing more to do, simply feel the certainty that what is right for you will manifest.


We accompany and support you with love and reverence.
The Beloved White Brotherhood.”


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