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Channeling for the month of June – Corazon Akasha School – Your Body is Water

The peaks are filled with light. We present to you this image of the mountain peaks filled with white light.


These are the active portals of your planet that have awakened. The energy of Christ is focusing in many pyramids, places of energetic concentration, vortexes of light. Sources of pure crystal water located inside the Earth, containing codes of light, are activating in the consciousness of Human Beings.


You are Water. Your body is Water. You are composed of the same energy contained in underground and mountain springs. When you invoke or request, you do it from a place of lack, while in truth, it is within you.


Water is life, and it is what you are. You create life; be the source and nourish your body and consciousness with the energy of Christ light that these same waters carry.


The apparent shortage of water on the surface of your planet is a consequence of controlled thought, the channeling of your energies toward other goals that do not take into account the true richness of life within you, stemming from the spirit.


Be fountains of crystalline water, pure sources, and let the Christic Sun of your hearts allow life and abundance to appear on the surface.


Scarcity does not exist; the lack of water does not either. Earth has always generated what is necessary and is an inexhaustible source of wealth and sustenance. It is only when Human Beings disrupt its cycles that scarcity is created. Remember that the scarcity of water does not exist, only in the minds of those who do not believe in infinite abundance for all Human Beings and who only seek to control.


In this meditation, you become one with Gaia, Pachamama, the Earth Mother, and you are sources of pure, crystalline water to pour onto the Earth’s surface.


Joy, peace, and perseverance. Thank you.


Your Lemurian brothers and sisters from the city of Telos.


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