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Channeling for the month of July – Corazon Akasha School – Everything around you is about to change

Dear Family of Light, today we come to accompany you in these times. Everything is about to change around you, and you, our beloved Lightworkers, must have strength in your bodies and mental fortitude not to fall into discouragement and negativity that you will observe in the beings around you.


So, be patient and, even in the most tumultuous moments, remain focused on faith. Look to the sky and seek our guidance; we will never abandon you.


The approaching new times are times of heightened faith and trust. You will be a beacon of light and hope for many. That is why, beloved ones, we turn to you today to bestow upon you the beacon of light that will provide you with the necessary support to keep the strength in your roots and be beacons of light for the world.


Beloved ones, today we ask you to connect with your feet on the ground. Open your arms to the sky and receive the sunlight that will fill you with energy to recharge your hands and hearts. Bring the sunlight into your spine and legs, let it descend into your feet, and extend your roots into the earth.


You must be beacons of light on Earth. Heal all your childhood wounds and heal your relationships with each other, with your family of origin, and with the human family. Your healing is the key that will allow you to receive the sunlight that will be transmitted to humanity through you.


Remember to be humble because your light does not blind others but guides them where to go. Do not boast about your achievements and serve as an example to society. You are the hope of the world; you are vital hope.


We love you and bless you, your brothers of love and light.



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