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Channeling for the month of August – Corazon Akasha School – A change of cycle has begun.

“Beloved ones, a change of cycle has begun, and nothing can stop it. Your biological, energetic, and karmic cycles are being renewed. Fear not, everything is moving towards the light.


In the infinite wheel of reincarnations that your souls have experienced, a new cycle is starting, a turning point to return to the Source. This return may be slower than you desire, but it is unstoppable. Just as it takes time and a process for a large ship on the ocean to steer its course on the waters, your soul needs time and adaptation, but this process is already underway and already perceptible.


For too long, you have remained disconnected from your true nature, your divinity, and your creative power. Today, your being is awakening from this lethargy and urgently feels the manifestation of ‘WHAT IS’ on Earth.


This awakening must be massive. Many souls remember, and many others will awaken now.


A new era is beginning, a new way of being in the world for you, where love and respect for life will be the law and the foundation of all organizations, businesses, and institutions. A new economy is also emerging, based on love, justice, and equitable sharing of the wealth and abundance that exist on Earth.


These changes will be gradual but unstoppable. You, beloved ones, are the first agents of change. To make this possible, open your arms and souls to abundance and be mindful in your thoughts, words, and actions. Let them all come from love, from the connection with the Being of Light that you are.


You are the torches that illuminate the world. Many will come to you; they will be drawn to your light and see in your presence the Light that they are.


You are my witnesses; you are my apostles in this new era. I join you with the sacred oil of my Spirit; I bless you and send you into the world. Fear nothing; you are not small; you are great, great in love and wisdom. Let my Spirit flood you and speak through you; be the spokespersons of love so that the good news reaches everyone.


My vibration is transmitted through you and awakens in them the memory of who they are; you remind them of the light they have forgotten, and once again, my Spirit inhabits them.


My beloved, you are blessed and protected in this sacred mission. Fear nothing, for I am always with you.


I thank you for your dedication and availability.


I bow before you and cover your sacred feet with kisses, so that each of your steps on Earth can anchor divine love even more.


I thank you for the purity of your hearts.


Beloved and blessed are you.




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