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April Channeling – Corazon Akasha School – The Path of Return

Beloved ones, there have been many wars and battles that have shed their blood around the Earth, subjecting many of these souls to the test of loss without finding in themselves the way home.


Beloved ones, today we entrust you with this work that will help heal the memory of all wars, so that the New Civilization can permeate the Earth from this healing.


Honor the graves of all those who did not find peace in their hearts, who died in war, and whose bitterness remained within them. Make their deaths sacred, honor their graves wherever they may be, known or unknown, honored or not. Make their deaths sacred, honor their graves.


Blessed is the grace of those who humbly devote themselves to this work, delivering this prayer to the Earth so that all the souls once buried in it can emerge. This is how their information can find their true home again, freed from all the burdens of the past.


Blessed are the souls willing to open their hearts to give forgiveness and compassion. The transformation resides within you, for the wounds of the past are released all around you through the memories that have permeated the earth. Today, they are released through your heart.


Beloved ones, the path of brotherhood is undertaken, after the healing and release of all the wars and battles fought over time, with a compassionate and benevolent gaze. This is how one transcends and liberates, opening the way to encounter, fraternity, and reconciliation.


You all know that the only path is the one that leads to the heart, but on this path, there is no room for resentment.

Exercise your forgiveness, my brothers, exercise your forgiveness. May deliverance bless you, forever bringing forth in you the source of compassion.


Remember these words: In you lies the healing.



Blessed be you, beloved Earth,
blessed be the flow that has merged within you,
blessed are those who have surrendered their bodies and opened their souls to allow their release within you.


Happy are the brothers
who open themselves to the joy of understanding,
forgiving and releasing to
bring forth peace and compassion.


Blessed are all the brothers
who, with joyful hearts,
embrace their tormentors
and shower them with love.


Happy are those with vast hearts
who proclaim forgiveness and Love.
So be it, may the divine will
finally manifest in the souls
who have been trapped on this blessed Earth
and now await their liberation.


My beloved, embark on your journey back home
where you will be welcomed with joy and rejoicing
for your eternal rest and deliverance.


Beloved, forgiveness is the key, beloved, grant forgiveness to yourselves.
Offer each other the gift of forgiveness, and so shall your liberation come.
Be received, be received into your eternal home,
the gates of acclaimed paradise open before you,
there are no burdens or faults to hinder your reception.


Beloved, come into the house of God.
Let deliverance and forgiveness remain within you forever,
as you walk in compassion and love.


So be it, so be it, it is done.